attention plz

due to im busy for my grad program, I decided to stop translating Yuki's blog. (and I've infatuatedly fallen in love with KOKIA, only to translate Yuki's blog but do nothing for KOKIA fans is just unfair, orz...)

I don't know, may or may not I'll restart my translating... but it will all depend on if im busy, if I have the mood to translate, and if the post is meaningful enough to be translated. (yet I believe the possibility for me to restart is very low...)

okay, it's just a small attention, see you guys~

--- kiyo, a girl who loves KOKIA more than Yuki Kajiura, yet they are the same important in her music life

a notice about Kalafina single

Original: 09-9-7 kalafinaシングルのお知らせです
translated on September 11, 2009

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talk about manga

Original: 09-9-1 漫画なおはなし
translated by oolong, on September 7, 2009

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it's Kalafina tomorrow!

Original text: 09-8-25 明日はKalafina!
translated on: September 3, 2009

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thank you very much!

Original: 09-08-09 ありがとうございました!
translated on July 10, 2009

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«widely it extended