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Everlasting Songs

Original version: Everlasting Songs

Translated on Feb. 27, 2009


Ok, now,

The album of FictionJunction,

“Everlasting Songs” will be released tomorrow.

Though this album may be like “since the time a CD can contain is limited, this time there’re so many stuff in the CD; oh, no, we crammed too much!” but I’m very glad about that you may enjoy Kajiura’s music, the singers’ voices, and the wonderful performance of the players!

Before the release, we made a homepage of “FictionJunction”


You may view each singer’s profile, and the liner notes from Kajiura. Please visit there!

And this time, I also love the jacket very much.

The jacket was drawn by a designer, Yoshida-san, who has done many works for See-Saw, Fiction, FJY, etc. so far. Hey, Master Painter Yoshida!

Since I don’t have more thinking about graphic, I only got something that wasn’t detailed; when I murmured about what the feeling should be, I said out “it’s like that” vaguely. Then, I got this jacket. As soon as I saw it, I knew that I’ve liked it. That’s very good! That’s really Yoshida-san, you’ve very grasped my fondness. Both the graphic and the inside design are wonderful. Please also pay attention on that point!

The recoding was very happy too.

If I’ve to say something, this is one CD that contains Kajiura’s felicity.

I just can’t stop feeling happy for this album may be sent to you.

I pray in my heart, please enjoy……!

This is such a short update,

Sorry for today’s greeting-only post!

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