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FictionJunction CLUB

Original text: FictionJunction CLUB

Translated on Mar. 3, 2009


Alright, on the date, March 1st, which is close to Hina-matsuri (girls’ festival), Kajiura Family Club, “FictionJunction CLUB” has started safely.

Welcome all of you who have joined Kajiura Family!

And I really appreciate for your joining!

……it’s a pity to other non-club-people: this post maybe is a member-only one. I’m sorry. You may stop reading now…….

I think the first bulletin should be sent to you soon.

Although now it’s just the beginning time, there might be many incorrect details; yet this is the first issue, I hope you enjoy it.

I think the information about the July Live should be sent together;

I alto think I may notice you future Kajiura & family activities.

Again, here I greet you.

By accident, at the end of the bulletin, there is a notice about “Fan Club Event #1”; I think you might get more detailed information about the date and so on later.

It will be the first Fan Club Event.

But there’re so many activities I’m not sure about.

For me,

I just want to get a lukewarm event as much as possible. (eh……)

My family suggested that in case of only intensive music, you’ve done on your lives, thus maybe you’d better try something different from the live. Different than that the talk part of live is time limited, maybe we’ll get some small talks; especially the singers, who almost don’t talk during the lives, they might talk a lot then. That’s what I’m thinking about: to get a talking-centered event.

I wonder like “……is that good enough? But…… (sweat)” If you think that’s good, please join us… no, it’s only what Kajiura thinks, we don’t make the final decision yet! But we’re going to make a decision soon.

I also welcome you sending some requests.

After such a talking, anyhow, here firstly, I send my greeting.


esveryone who has joined Family.

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