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about my favorite favors

Original 2009-4-19 ラーな話

translated on April 20, 2009


Only HEINZ Ketchup is the best.
But KAGOME is good in case of fried rice.

For me, I like ketchup and ginger very much.
Though I'm not good at make mayonnaise,
I consume a great amount of ketchup.

I put a lot of ketchup onto the omelette rice and chicken rice, which I buy from shops.
I live omelette rice very much, but I can't endure adding something like white sauce or demi-glace sauce. It's very evil for me. Only ketchup may be added on omelette rice! Omelette rice that without ketchup is like pudding that without caramel!

In case of eating fast food, I'll be impatient to fried potato that with not enough ketchup.
That isn't much enough! Give me another bottle now!
I'll act like that.
Among them, Freshness Burger is nice.
And ketchup is a kind of self-service, you may fetch as much as you want. (at least the Freshness that is close my home does.)
I always get ketchup as the same amount as potato, and take them with nothing left.
Sometimes, I even don't know if I'm eating fried potato, or maybe I'm just eating ketchup.

Here, I remember that I like the HEINZ Ketchup “chilly” (spicy tomato ketchup), but I don't see it recently. Has that disappeared......?

When I was younger, I used to eat “Ketchup rice (Kecha-han)” when I didn't have enough time.
That was a kind of white stuff that was seriously criticized by my family and nobody wanted to eat with me.
(1) fry some cold rice (without oil)
(2) add ketchup as muuuuuch as possible.
(3) fry the ketchup a little until being savory.
(4) add an egg and mix them.
(5) end before the egg become completely shaped. Now you may eat.

Don't add any others like onions.
Only rice, ketchup, and egg.
No any hidden favors, no the so-called beauty and serene, only the frank-type taste in level B.
Because the favor is too thick, to smooth it I drank some milk during the eating.
(ketchup and milk is set menu)
It was also called as “Gucha-han.” (because it always slops)
Say more clearly, I don't suggest it to amateurs. If you want to do normally, I wish you don't not repeat mine.

I also have my ginger favor.
Add some ginger favor into black tea.
Also put it into hot mil and cocoa, (it's very delicious without sugar, that's enough with only milk and cocoa powder and ginger.) miso soup and rice, soup and spaghetti, as well as oatmeal and juice and coffee, everything. Yet I don't add it into green tea.
When I find some soups that I bought from shops don't tasted good, I add it; wonderingly, that turns delicious.

Because I love raw ginger's favor, I tried to grain gingers by myself. But because I consume a lot, the graining time was very huge. Recently I started to rely on a good named “Grained Ginger.”
Although I can buy the tube-sized good, I add 1/3〜1/2 of the tube into only one cup of ginger tea, plus my family think it's too stimulative and no others drink it, I can't buy the tube-sized good. I buy bottles of “for business” type.

Besides grained ginger, I stock a lot of “ginger tea,” “dry ginger,” “raw ginger soup,” “ginger cordial,” and so on in my house. They support my wonderful ginger life.

In all, I try all goods that belong to the ginger favor suit only if I see it.
I drink dry ginger definitely at afternoon tea. It's the best to drink it with straight black tea.

By the way, my favorite ginger tea isn't the commonly seen black tea with ginger favor, but the type with only dried ginger. I drink it directly without adding sugar. I also like the tea-bag type of ALVITA that I knew from Emily. I saw her drinking the tea in her portable pot, and I tried it too after asking her “what are you drinking?” Then I fell in love with that tea immediately with breaking out “Wah, what's that!” At that time, I couldn't buy it in Japan, so I bought dozen of it from overseas sites directly; I fell happy when I saw it is sold on Rakuten!
But how the price here is very high, I buy bulk of it when I go to America.

This is today's Kajiuralish food report that is full of ketchup and ginger.

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