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music life

original: 2009-4-9 音楽生活
translated on April 10, 2009


Because I thought I couldn’t do well while composing,
I tried to listen to underworld with encouragement.
I got flamed. (mo-e-ru)
That “Shautin しゃうてぃん”!
I was overwhelmed until “Oblivion with bells.”
I regretted that I couldn’t go to the LIVE year before last.
I was overwhelmed by “Prodigy” during the listening,
while thinking about that the new album is very nice.
I was overwhelmed by “asian dub foundation” during the listening.
While thinking about that PUNKARA’s pop craze is very nice.
and that this album may be my favorite.
After that like “Hallucinogenm,”
and “Shpongle,”
I thought “Third” is a very famous recording.
After listening to “world’s end girlfriend,” “Mouse on Mars,” and so on,
I was overwhelmed by “Efterklang.”
This part became my favorite, I thought.
And still, I watched
Live everything everything (DVD) by underworld.
I got flamed.
By the way, this is the first DVD I bought since I was born.
Although I don’t have much interesting on the Live image actually,
I bought this one, and it’s such a nostalgic one.
and about LIVE, after I going to it in the last year,
I was overwhelmed by “Radiohead.”

Mentioning to underworld, I know they went to Fuji Rock in the last year,
and I checked the performers in this year,
Ohh, clammbon (I like) will come,
and oasis may be the focus, yet 80kidz and killers will come, that’s so good!
also the so-nostalgic system7 and tortoise will come too, that’s very, very good!
Although I don’t want to go very much, I can’t say what will happen in future.
I think I lack enough strength but I’m considering about it’s THAT anyways.

So this is my day.
Huhhh, I didn’t continue to work…… (sweat)

There will be a new instrument here.
It’s cheap and small, but it’s one of my hobbies to touch such things.
By the way, my vacation has ended already,
yet in a situation that I couldn’t come back in time from the middle age,
I ended my CHRONO TRIGGER life……

It’s not bad to talk about my music life like this.
Ohohhh, do my best on my work! From now on!

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