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『A-I-U-E-O writing』

Original: 09-7-21 『あいうえお作文』 http://blog.oricon.co.jp/kalafina/archive/40/0
translated on July 21, 2009


Hello~(* '∇')/
Thank you everyone who watched our performance on NHK Oosaka. m(_ _)m
Kajiura-san seemed watched that too.
“The image was so messy that it looked like a picture story show.”
I see.
It's a pity. (´∇`)
Have you watched the nap in the day before yesterday?!
I watched it!
I laughed as if it's other's affair.

Recently, we three Kalafina members are mad on one thing,
it's a game called “a-i-u-e-o writing.”
On your cellphone screen, writing phrases that start with the series of kana in a same line-group.

For example,
The A-line.
A → arigatou
I → ii?
U → ukeru
E → ettone
O → onegaishimasu

and link them together,
“Arigatou ii? Ukeru etto ne, onegaishimasu. (Thank you, is it okay? Well... please!”
thus, to make out some meaningless writings.

Now let me introduce ours.
From “Ya-line.”
“Yamete itadakitai yuugata yo. (It's such an evening that I want to stop.)”
This was by Hikaru-sensei.
The level is rather high.

Here's one from “Wa-line” by Keiko-sensei.
“Wakana won desuyo.” (by Kiyo: no idea on the translation, sorry >_<)
She likes me that much? (´∇`)

Now it's mine from “Na-line.”
“Nagare nikui nuitene no toko dayone. (it's difficult to flow so draw it out.)”
It's so meaningless.

We're mad on this game now.
You all try this!

Yesterday I saw a rainbow.

It has been a long while since the last time I saw such a big rainbow.
The thinking of “it's really beautiful; it's amazing!” immediately.

I like sky, especially clouds.
Sometimes, there are clouds in some incredible beauty.
Together with yesterday's rainbow, I saw the beautiful twilight.

It's really wonderful to live.
I think about it when I see such sky.

Well, that was like an evening when I felt unable to tell how tiny I am, how nice my life is, with strong intensity and vanity.

Anyway, we're going to the event live at Roppongi morph.
This time it will be more exciting!
I believe that!

See you next time~☆


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