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I forgot to write this...

Original: 09-7-13 書き忘れました…… http://fictionjunction.cocolog-nifty.com/blog/2009/07/post-39b9.html
translated on July 14, 2009


I should tell you about the next live!
At BLITS, Yokohama, on January 9th, 2010 (Saturday).
Also, this time, since Japanese was a center in the everlasting songs tour,
I got pretty satisfied by my mother language.
I started to consider on some kind of balance in my life,
so the next time I want to seal Japanese.

What do you mean by “sealing Japanese”?
Maybe you would ask like this.
Actually, Yuki Kajiura Live Vol.1 was begun from here.
The main point was cut off all songs in Japanese.
Although there are songs in Latin, Italian, and English,
most of them are in a self-made language, the so-called “Kajiura-go.”
That's a kind of live make Japanese think “Huh? What are they singing?”
from the very beginning till the end.
I'm planning to have such a live, and got excited.
Ah, well, MC will be in Japanese, of course!
We haven't got the ability to talk in “Kajiura-go.”
Well, if I was asked to have all MCs in Kajiura-go,
I think I can do it then (laugh).

I'll notice you when more details of ticked and the release date are available.
Thank you for your supporting!

I received so many warm comments yesterday for my (drunk) post.
Thank you, everyone. m(_ _)m
I was so happy......
I'll do my best for the next live,
for everyone, oh, no, for you having a good time!

Since Keiko said in yesterday's live,
“about summer, it should be related to ice, chocolate mint, etc, etc!”
I bought this.


Take a look!

I found the fourth one at the shop near my house.
For me, it was the first time for me to try chocolate mint.
The so called “chocolate mint” is actually adding the mint favor into chocolate ice.
It was somewhat different from mint.
But it still had mint favor.
About my personal feeling,
I'd rather say it's “ChouMint (super mint)” than “ChokoMint (chocolate mint)!”
But the favor changed somehow when I took more bites.
The chocolate favor came out though I failed to find at first.
It's that kind of “comfortable mint” taste,
but only it was not enough♪
I heard the blame from the strong chocolate favor.
It was a pretty balance between chocolate and mint.
It's just like being squinted seriously by an innocent-like girl suddenly
well, I haven't had such experience.
It's also like a feeling of being engrossed.
(I also don't have such feeling too.)
At some time, I took one bite, and then another.
I felt no regret about trying chocolate mint.
It was so delicious♪

This was my today's post.

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