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thank you

Original: 09-7-13 ありがとうございました! http://fictionjunction.cocolog-nifty.com/blog/2009/07/post-be40.html
translated on July 14, 2009


FictionJunction Yuki Kajura LIVE Vol.#4〜Everlasting Songs Tour 2009〜
(Thank you for attending to ↑ today! I wanted to say that in the MC, but the it was such a long title that I didn't dare to say.)
The final performance, at JCB hall, ended safely.
Thank you for everyone’s attending.
Thank you for your warm smiles, supporting, and blessing.
I was very happy.
I felt a bit regretful when it turned to the last song. Ah, it will end soon...
With you, we got a happy time in Nagoya, Oosaka, and today (or yesterday) at JCB; We also wish you had a good time too.

Hmm, please let us praise ourselves with the mind of being ready to be blamed.
Aren't they pretty wonderful and individual singers?
Aren't they really cool and able to make beautiful group-music members?
They are all our popular singers and players. I felt so glad and glorious for standing, playing music with them on the same stage.
As well as your attending, of course.

But, I really don't want to write the word “everyone.”
You bought tickets, found out time in the busy life and attended; you came here by night-bus or flight or train; some of you might live nearly and thus might come by bicycle. I want to tell my thankfulness one by one, to all of you and members. Thus, at that time, it should not be “everyone,” it was “you.”
You may be like me, having a confusing life (laugh), and let you spend time and money...... and I wish we can share the same important time and feelings.
So, thanks! Thank you for coming here to see us!
It was really happy to meet you!

I'm drunk.
So I'm kinda wordy.
Excuse me.
Because I drank.
It's invisible when one's drunk!

Me, Kajiura, got my head rolled too much in recent 3 days (hey...).
My neck did too much work and now I couldn't move it freely (laugh).
It's not the story about loan!
I don't know why my neck tend toward right when I played.
Then I moved to left.
I found that in the three days.
It was not about my age! (Though it could be...)
And today I got the fingernail of my right pinkie.
But I was happy.
And after the sleeping,
I'll start working.
I want to compose good music,
and then let you listen to it.
I have the respect to my finished works.
Music is really amazing. Really. It's happy to compose by myself, and it's happier to share my music with others. I like it. (I said it.)

Thus, please let me say something more again when I'm drunk happily...
We had a good time, thank you!
I wish we can meet you again!

Good night. I'm reaching my limit.

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