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widely it extended

Original: 09-07-27 びろーんと伸ばしていた http://fictionjunction.cocolog-nifty.com/blog/2009/07/post-d32a.html
translated on July 28, 2009


I took a nap during cleaning my hard disk, and I dreamed.

In the dream, I was working on some sound tracks for something.
There were 53 tracks in all, and I just worked at the fourth one. I felt there was still a long way to go (laug).
It's also a bit weird that the number is so detailed in my dream.

Well, I was working on the fourth track.
Then a piece of delicate gum-like stuff dropped from my Mac.
I extended it as the length of the track
and stick it.
As if my music would done by this way.
(About the length of my music?? It's not like counting the number of bar lines or time codes, there was just something in my Mac liked the length of my music, so I stick it onto the “length.”)

Oh, hold on.
I seemed saying that when I woke up.
Hold on, let me go back to the dream.
GIVE ME PLEASE, that item! Please!

Seemed there was a super wonderful item in that dream.......
Anyway, seemed I didn't feel like “ah, I'm tired......” was I not tired? Did I only extend and stick it? Although I tried to think about it, the extended gum actually was really, really strange! I needed a gum that could be extended in a more artistic way! Well, maybe there are still troublesome things in even dreams.

Never mind, in fact, I would not use that item anyway.
It wasn't that interesting anyway!
…...during my trivial telling, I'm at the moment of cleaning my hard disk for tomorrow's work. Is enjoying the peace of such moments the best? The god of composing?

Strangely, my mother was inserted into my dream too.
For avoiding the fact of that I was working, I asked my mother “would you like some tea?”
I woke up at that moment. That was me who wants to escape from working even in dreams.

Anyway, now I'm drinking tea and will go to sleep earlier for tomorrow's work.

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