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it's Kalafina tomorrow!

Original text: 09-8-25 明日はKalafina! http://fictionjunction.cocolog-nifty.com/blog/2009/08/kalafina-8ee8.html
translated on: September 3, 2009


Well, now,
about the live, I'm so happy and have so much to talk,
and finally it's Kalafina's live tomorrow.
This will be the first member live.
The member are also looking forward it; we felt so nice after the final rehearsal.
People who will attend tomorrow, welcome!
I'll also be a guest and enjoy it!

It would be a little late, about Anime Summer Live 2009 on August 23.
Thank you for your comments and mails.
During the two days, all artists, staff and guests, thank you for your participation!

It was such a nice and exciting experience that I haven't participated in lives that have so many artists and singers gathering at one time.
Although we would have different interests and desired things, we all did our best to get our audience happy.
All of us were so nice! I've got to think like that.
I also learned a lot from others. I still need to do better and better.
Also, it was such an amazing place,
where our delightful audience were.

There was also a theme song for Animelo, and it was a good song. At last we sang together on the stage. Anyway, I'm not sure if I would bother others, because I sang with a rather loud volume yet I was not a singer; (^_^:) however, I sang till the last moment with this thought.
I was so happy~.

I like to compose BGM for animations, and I also like to compose songs.
Every time when I get such a work I feel proud.
And I was very glad to be invited to such a place.
Not only I myself,
I also wished all guests could have a happy time from enjoying “FictionJunction.”
I wish I will have more chance to touch more different works,
and to compose music for those works.
I'm doing my best to compose them.
I'll continue to do my best for being proud on the stage at the day when I'm invited again.

By the way,
although it's not very related to today's topic,
recently, I realised that the word “交番 (kouban / [*means police box])” is written as “KOBAN.” (is it the same throughout the country?)
seems only I read like that?
I feel like my tension got reduced strangely;
like I don't want to be in a stampede although I would have trouble sometimes.
Am I the only one who feels like that?
Well, it's just my own useless trivia...

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