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thank you very much!

Original: 09-08-09 ありがとうございました! http://fictionjunction.cocolog-nifty.com/blog/2009/08/post-be40.html
translated on July 10, 2009


Sorry for my belated reply.
Thank you for your birthday message, comment, email! Really thank you!
It's really glorious to get celebrated on my birthday.
I was very happy!
thank you for your birthday messages! I'm soooo glad!

Chapter 7 of “Kara no Kyoukai -The Garden of Sinners-” was released safely.

Finished composing music for all 7 chapters, I was both relaxed and a bit lonely, and I waited for its release in these feelings. Although I used different variants for the main theme in each chapter, I thought heartily, “Ah, this is the last time to play it on strings!” during the recording of strings.
Anyhow, this work went with me for rather a long time.
It also gave me much happiness. I really appreciate this work.

……but on that day, I was not in Tokyo and thus couldn't watch it. What a pity. I'm planning to watch it at a local cinema.

This is my simple update.
Oh, no! Tokyo is so hot!

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