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a notice about Kalafina single

Original: 09-9-7 kalafinaシングルのお知らせです http://fictionjunction.cocolog-nifty.com/blog/2009/09/kalafina-806e.html
translated on September 11, 2009


Well, lemme see...
Kalafina's new single will be released on October 28.
The title is “progressive” and the cw is “utsukushisa (beauty).”

If you attended to the Kalafina live on August 26, I think you've heard them. "progressive" was an encore song, and “utsukushisa” was played during the break, together with the screen image.

"progressive" is like a song of live-style.
I may even say it's a song I made specially for live.
Maybe this song is a bit different from other Kalafina singles, but I wrote it because I wanted such a song for Kalafina-live. Now, this song will be a single.

In terms of music genre, "progressive" isn't a “progressive rock” song at all. Well, rather than the complication of “progressive,” that “having the wish to go forward” would fit the song better. (why I feel a bit shy?)

People would go further smoothly sometimes, and think about nothing about such annoying things like “I still want to continue to go.” Yet sometimes, when people meet trouble, get confused, they will doubt that “how did I walk through well so far?”
At that time, it turns to be impossible to go through without confusing like before. Thus the only way to go ahead would be do as a daredevil, go trying anything even though it would be totally wrong. If don't try to go firstly, only stay at where we stopped, we even have no right to say something is wrong. The rainbow that I saw at the first time when I was a child, was such so touching that I wanted to let all others to see. The rainbow that I saw when I became an adult, was what I made by myself. Some feeling like this. You stop sometimes, and resume later; progress! That's such a song I wrote with some feeling like that (hey). Well... hmm... (I'm shy sure enough...)

With momentum, I completed it withing 5 minutes. Included melody and lyrics, that was fast.
Yet I completed it, I had no idea with how to use this (laugh).
Although I for myself like this song, and I was going to use it as a Kalafina song, I didn't want to put it in either a single or an album. Its ambience was that unique and thus made me hesitated. (I felt like that the degree of depression of Kalafina albums would be 30-point up) maybe I should just stock it for myself. Yet this time, it will be released as a couple work of the single.

I retouched the song with happiness because it was a rather simple, soundtrack-like piece before. I was really happy to do it. Also, I would have struck on Korenaga's guitar, thus we done the recording while jeering “Kore-chan you're so amazing~♪ we're sleepy~♪.” (In "progressive", Kore-chan and Konno were all sleepy!) Actually, for me, I can still write a lot of songs with such a style (laugh). Yet I won't write too many of them because I would be in trouble on how to use them (laugh). Anyway, it's the song.
No matter the lyrics or the sound, the song has no “progress!” touching at all.
Is it okay to couple such two songs together? But we have done it.

This is the new single.
I hope you can enjoy......

Lemme see.
The topic is totally unrelated.
It's “Dragon Quest.”

Recently, people seem tend to try “Surechigai Tsuushin (communication by chance).”
It's like that acquaintances meet each other by chance, and talk about “today is Kalafina~♪” while waiting for Kalafina live.
Sounds great and fun.
I kept thinking on it and didn't buy the game.
If I bought it, I would have tried it. Be patient, be patient. I still have to work.
Because I'm an adult, I've got to be patient.
Anyhow, I need to be more of “progress!”
It would be so nice if I can play it at the time of live in the next year.
It would be fun if we are able to “surechigai” then (laugh).
Dreaming of it, I'm progressing with happiness and joy.
That's all. Bye bye!

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