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talk about manga

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translated by oolong, on September 7, 2009


Talk about manga

“Dokaben” was the sport manga I first get into when I was little.
It is a baseball manga, well known to those who were born in the Showa period.
That brings back some memories.
I think I liked a little ace, Satonaka Satoru-kun (I can’t remember its Kanji…)
I think there was Doigaki sempai. I think I liked him.
In this way I vaguely remember it, but I read it absorbedly.

Because I lived overseas in those days, I had never seen baseball.
It was the manga I first learned baseball by.

After I came back to Japan and I watched real baseball (on TV), I was most surprised by the speed of balls pitchers threw.

In my mind, from when a pitcher throws a ball till when it reaches a catcher’s mitt, it takes a time like

But in real baseball games, it was
I mean, in “Dokaben”, a ball took 3 to 4 pages (or more) to reach a batter’s box!
I was really impressed to see players hitting and catching such fast balls.

The reason I started such talk is because I lately talked with a friend of mine about a good old manga “Offside”.
It’s a high school soccer manga, much newer than “Dokaben”
It’s the soccer manga I first got into as well. I think I liked the feeling like “It’s typical youth!”
I think I liked a duo of forward. (vaguely remembered)
I think I liked the hero, who looks calm but is manly very much.
I think, however, in terms of soccer, it was a little……
Nevertheless, I liked it. I like youth!
I came to want to read it again while I was talking about it with the friend. I’ll get and read it next time.

Everyone somehow watches high school baseball when summer has come.
Back in the day, after graduating from high school, I was a little shocked to find
“Come to think of it, I’ve become older than those who are playing now.”
That is a fond memory.

I like to read books ( I read much less lately, though.)
I like manga very much as well. It’s a great culture.

My latest favorites are
“Gaku”, “Yotsubato”, and “Shinya Shokudou” etc.
I’m sad that “Mushishi” has come to an end.
There are a lot of other things too. I can’t remember, though.

My most favorite manga artist is Igarashi Daisuke-san.
I liked Irie Aki’s “Gunjou Gakusya”, but I’m sad that it ended.
I miss new manga of Sato Shio, whom I liked very much when I was a student. He hasn’t released his new manga recently.
I like “Natsume Yuujincho”, which a friend of mine recommended me.
And I never miss the works I have ever been involved in, as I’m anxious to learn what happens next. In this way I read a lot.

For now I’m keeping thinking about the next episode of Pandora Hearts.

It was such random talk about manga.

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